I have been working as a freelance arts educator and coordinator for over ten years for a range of organisations in England, Australia and Ireland.

I’m passionate about a teaching practice that empowers people. I believe that those who gain the skills of questioning and exploration through art become confident in their own ability and consequently gain a thirst for learning.

I set high expectations for all my students and ensure that each workshop has a range of achievable and aspirational outcomes.

My workshops often explore the themes of local/place, cultural identity and link socio-political issues to art education, which leads to increased group engagement, a positive learning environment, and celebrates each person as an individual.

My practice encompasses a wide range of media, including: video, painting, printmaking, sound editing, photography, collage, digital art, animation, sculpture and ceramics. I also facilitate performance, dance and physical theatre workshops.

I am a visual artist and perform as a physical theatre practitioner with Macnas.