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Currently based between London and Galway. Willing to travel for different projects, just get in touch.


Goldsmiths University, London Postgraduate Certificate in Education Secondary Art and Design 2015-2016

Kingston University, London MA in Fine Art with Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (1:1) 2012-2014

NCAD, Dublin, Ireland Postgraduate Diploma in Community, Art and Education (2:1) 2008-2009

GMIT, CCAM, Galway, Ireland BA in Art and Design (1:1) 2004, BA (Honours) in Fine Art (2:1) 2005 2001-2005



Upcoming projects as a Creative Associate with The Irish Arts Council on Creative Schools 2018-2019

Artist in Residence at RAW Labs London 2018 Selected by Bow Arts to be the Artist in Residence for 4 months funded by Notting Hill Housing to create ‘The Urban Legend of Alberta Gallion’

  • Led printmaking, collage, drawing and painting workshops with the Local community based on creating a future Heroine for the area inspired by local Heroines past and present.

  • Led performance, storytelling, experimental film making, collage banners, sound and costume workshops with Gallions Primary to create a procession around the area to honour the creation of ‘Alberta Gallion’.

  • Collaborated with Artists and created a series of events and exhibitions at RAW Labs, Royal Albert Wharf.

  • Directed the ‘The Urban Legend of Alberta Gallion’ procession, performances and exhibition for The London Festival of Architecture.

  • Created artworks in response to: Local Heroines, Goddesses of Air and water and The urban Legends of Alberta Gallion.

Bow Arts Education Team - London 2017-2018

  • Spotlight Youth Centre – Digital Sculpture workshops with Audio and Video – 12-18yr olds

  • Art Week at Swanlea School – Week of collage workshops inspired by the local area in the future with 11-18yr olds

  • Take pArt Challenge Teacher CPD – Printmaking Experimentation – Primary and Secondary Teachers

  • Primary Teacher Art CPD – Exploring Stop Motion Animation – 45 teacher from Harbinger School

  • Animation and Sound Project – Created 2 animations and soundtracks based on Ancient Egypt and The Water Cycle – 2 x Year 5 Classes at Wellington Primary School

Macnas, Spectacle and Street Performance Company, Galway Ireland 2008-2018

  • Performer on Out of the Wild Sky (2018) – Galway and Dublin, ‘Land of Green Ginger: Unleashed’ (2017) – Hull UK City of Culture, Port na bPúcaí (2017) – Galway, Memory Song (2017) – Dublin, St Patrick’s Day – London (2017), Savage Grace (2016) – Galway, Sleep No More (2016) – Dublin, St Patrick’s Day – London (2016), The Shadow Lighter (2015) – Galway, Symphony for the Restless (2014) – Galway, On the Night Journey (2013) – Galway, This Thunderous Heart (2012) – Galway, On the Edge of Things is a Fierce Beauty (2011) – Absolut Fringe Festival, Dublin, This Fierce Beauty (2011) – Galway, The Wild Hunt and the Sleepwalker (2010) – Dublin Fringe Festival, The Wild Hunt (2010) –Galway Arts Festival, Apocolopolis (2008) – Galway Arts Festival

Stitches in Time, Limehouse Town Hall, London 2017 -2018

  • Art and performance facilitator at All Points East Festival in Victoria Park London 2018

  • Facilitated Stop Motion Animation projects at Stepney City Farm, London 2017

Sound Play! Queen Mary University of London 2017

  • Contemporary theatre project that offers young people aged 10-16 years an introduction into the role sound plays in performance.

  • Final performance for a live audience will take place in Epping Forest

Freelance Arts Facilitator with  ARTiculate (16-25yr olds), Barnet, London 2016-2017

  • Lead artist on a Fine Art project for 9 session based on the theme 'My Place'

  • Lead artist on Willow Lantern workshops for 8 sessions responding to the theme of 'British Values'

  • Lead artist on 'Hidden Voices' a Collage and Multi Media project for 16-25yr olds at the RAF Museum.

  • Leading a Graffiti Mural project with teenagers based on emotions and native woodlands at a PRU.

  • Invoicing and completing weekly student evaluations as a key part of these roles.

Art Educator at Block 67 for Creative Foundation, Quarterhouse, Folkestone 2017

  • Led theatre set making workshops for NEON After School (4-16yr olds) in December 2017

  • Primary School Workshop: Fantastical Folkestone Funfair for Folkstone Triennial Youth Workshops October 2017

  • Secondary School Workshop: Wish You Were Here for Folkstone Triennial Youth Workshops October 2017

Facilitator at Engaging Refugee Narratives: Perspectives from Academia and the Arts, June 2017 & June 2016 at University College London Department of Anthropology

  • ‘Sides to a Story’ Physical theatre workshop for adults. Exploring physical responses to visual stimulus.

  • ‘Learning the refugee narrative’ where participants explored the refugee narrative from the many viewpoints of media, the protesters and the refugees. We created immediate art works through a narrative process and explored how to play with the materials and present these jarring narratives in the space as a collaborative piece.

Creative Leader for Stitches in Time at their Play-scheme (4-11yrs) on Locksley Estate, Tower Hamlets, London, July 2016, April 2017 & July 2017

  • Being part of a small team that devised, coordinated and administrated the Play-scheme.

  • Lead a range of safe, enjoyable, socially engaged and fun creative activities for 30 children per day.

  • Involved with completing and compiling all legal requirements and paperwork needed, registration documents, advertising and administration of the scheme.

  • Organising and completing risk assessments for trips within the local London area.

  • Developed the children's questioning, social skills and knowledge of their local area through projects that explored sustainability, the environment and the future of London.

Freelance Arts Facilitator with Community Focus, Barnet, London 2014-2017

  • Taught 'Animate This' a Stop Motion Animation project for 10-19yr olds with disabilities on the Short Breaks programme at Community Focus.

  • Teaching a printmaking and sculptural project called ‘My Journey’ at Kisharon Centre for students with varying needs and abilities.

  • Led ‘Stage in the Making’ a theatre prop making course at St. Joseph’s Centre. With adults with special educational needs for their theatre production based on the tsunami in Tacloban in the Philippines.

  • Artist assistant on the holiday art, drama and music workshops for young people on the autistic spectrum.

  • Invoicing and completing weekly student evaluations as a key part of these roles.

La Retraite Catholic School, Lambeth 2016 Summer Term PGCE experience: assessed as Outstanding (1)

  • Linked year 8 mixed media lessons to current refugee narratives by getting students to interrogate the viewpoints of politicians, the media, charities and the contemporary art practice of Francis Alÿs.

  • Arranged and led a extra-curricular stop motion animation workshop on the idea of British Values.

  • Linked the year 7 ceramics lessons to their own cultural diversity as a class and their sense of place in their London communities and sensitively handled the teaching of these to expand pupil’s knowledge.

 Ricards Lodge High School, Merton 2016 Spring Term PGCE experience: assessed as Outstanding (1)

  • Introduced a range of student-voice activities and encouraged students to create personal work about their identity and their community that led to a high level of engagement and collaboration.

  • Effectively expanded an existing painting project based on racism to incorporate all aspects of prejudice and asked students to respond to the current political views of Donald Trump.

  • Thoroughly delivered various printmaking, ink with bleach and Photoshop workshops for Year 11 students, which enabled them to experiment with different materials for their GCSE projects.

 Southfields Academy, Wandsworth 2015 Autumn Term PGCE experience: assessed as Good (2)

  • Working with predominantly EAL and several SEN students competently delivered cross-cultural lesson plans based on migration, cultural pattern and storytelling.

  • Effectively imbedded contemporary art practises and artists into the art departments’ current schemes of work. This resulted in a wider range of multi-media resources being used in the classroom.

 London Irish Centre, Camden 2014-2015                       

  • London Irish Centre running weekly art workshops with survivors of institutional abuse.

  • Planning and delivery of weekly acrylic painting and drawing classes based on the students memories of the Irish landscape.

  • Completing project and student evaluations for the London Irish Centre and its funders.

 Art Tutor at Smart Art Workshops, Kingston Upon Thames 2013-2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Art Facilitator teaching educational after school art classes in three primary schools.

  • Leading planning, material purchases and keeping track of project budgeting and staff invoices.

  • Creating a curriculum that explores a range of different media, and covering a wide variety techniques including collage, stop motion animation drawing and painting.

  • Exploring the themes of space, nature and identity.

PSI- Public Space Investigators for Galway Fringe Festival 2012 and Tuam Arts Festival 2009

  • Collaborating with the members of Galway City Youth Café and Earwig Youth Group using film, sound, photography and performance to explore notions of place, power and public space.

  • Creating a public exhibition of the results of the collaboration and inviting local politicians and community leaders to come talk to the young people about their thoughts on power in public space.

Coordinator and arts tutor Noble Park English Language School Melbourne 2011-2012                                                                                                                                                                                     Arts facilitator employed by St Martins Youth Arts Centre using physical theatre, dance and visual art with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds at Noble Park English Language School.

  • Administration in regards to liaising with and supporting the young people with family consent and the schools involvement. Keeping a record of the artistic process and reporting on the groups dynamic.

  • Maintaining youth engagement, informing the lead choreographer of cultural obligations that may impact on involvement and monitoring engagement through informal and written feedback.

  Assistant Artistic Director Earwig Community Arts Group, Galway 2006-2011

  • Working alongside the director, co-ordinating fundraising events, completing funding applications, writing child protection policies and overseeing project budgeting. Recruiting volunteers to work alongside tutors.

  • Coordinating and facilitating art workshops based on Irish folklore for festivals, groups and schools.

  • Record keeping of workshop attendance and ensuring adequate documentation of projects.

 Arts facilitator for DePaul Ireland 2009

  • DePaul Ireland selected me to collaborate with residents of the Tús Nua Hostel, who are women who had recently been released from prison.

  • Facilitated multi-media art workshops based on the theme of inner and outer self.

  • Curated a contemporary art exhibition of their work for Electric Picnic Festival 2009.

 Visual Arts Facilitator at Fatima Youth Initiative & Rialto Youth Project, Dublin 2008-2009

  • Collaborating with youth workers to create a weekly arts programme for 8-14yr olds to help build their self-esteem, skills and talents through art, photography, craft and design projects.

  • Working with young people across a broad range of media to create projects based on identity and individuality. The art workshops at Rialto Youth Project were for a small group of young people who were marginalised within their community – the aim was to encourage them to return to education.

 Visual Arts Co-ordinator for Tuam Arts Festival in 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007 and 2006

  • This was an intensive role where I selected and managed up to thirty visual artists and their exhibitions. This needed excellent communication skills. My versatility and diligence was key, and it ensured all the different artists needs were met and coordinated the yearly ‘sARTurday’ event launch.

  • Liaising with local councils, private owners and auctioneers to secure exhibition space for artists. I headed a team of 15 volunteers who invigilated the exhibits Allocated technicians and planned the transformation of unused retail spaces into temporary galleries, designed promotional material.

 Freelance Arts Facilitator 2006-2016

Project managing and delivering one-off art events and longer-term projects including setting up, monitoring and evaluating the project. Liaising with local authorities and businesses for sponsorship. Working with a wide variety of groups and adapting projects to meet their needs. Encouraging the use of artistic activities to support their development through engagement with a wide range of art forms including visual arts, theatre, dance and film. Some roles include:

  • One to one art educator in London with survivors of institutional abuse funded by Caranua 2015-2016

  • Arts Facilitator with Carnival Arts in Soul Kids at Electric Picnic Ireland 2012

  • Stop Motion Animation Youth Arts Facilitator at Spleodar Community Arts Festival, Nenagh 2010

  • Willow Lantern Workshop leader at Barnaderg and Kilcoona National Schools 2009

  • Painting and Photography Youth Facilitator at Ballina Arts Centre, Co. Mayo, 2007

  • Acrylic painting facilitator at Mullagh I.C.A for Vocational Education Committee, Galway 2006